one good decision leads to another

The first meal of the day sets the tone for how the rest of the day will go. I used to skip breakfast a lot, rolling my eyes when people would impart their groundbreaking wisdom on me: “breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” Thank you.

It’s important to eat breakfast, yes. It’s more important to eat the right breakfast. Again, I invoke the wisdom of Jim Gaffigan:

There’s a Nutri-Grain commercial out that shows a side-by-side comparison of two alternate days, lived by the same woman. One is the sassy, working professional, health-conscious, successful gal. The other is the tired, apathetic, bloated gal. I am both of these women. She sure looks happy when she makes her good choices.

I’ll have this delicious Nutri-Grain bar instead of an enormo donut. Tasty substitution. I have never thought that a Nutri-Grain bar was as good as a donut. Maybe that’s why I am now running a weight-loss blog.


I’m going to slowly and happily eat this salad with proper table manners, instead of inhaling this burrito. Tip: if you need two hands to eat it, it might be bad for you. 6 inch turkey sub = ok. Foot long turkey sub = bad.


This fruit cup makes me smile. This brownie will temporarily help me cope with the fact that I hate my job and I have no idea what this meeting is even about. They lost me halfway through last week’s meeting minutes. Wait, I think I was supposed to be taking the minutes. @#*$%


I’m taking the stairs! Yeah! Good thing I didn’t eat that plate of brownies like my unhealthy counterpart self, or I’d barely be able to stand, let alone climb these stairs.


I eat fruit and/or veggies with every meal. Or at least a side item to balance out that pound of cheese/ham/pasta slop. Hellloooo portion control.


What a great day! Blerrggaaggghghhhhhhh I ate no real food today.


You get the idea.

Some days are good, some days aren’t so great. I’ve been trying to kickstart my day with a “good decision.” Lately it’s been smoothies. Not the juice concentrate/high fructose corn syrup/artificially colored McDonalds-esque smoothies. I mean home made, all natural, mostly organic.


It usually holds me over until lunch. Which is great because I get up at 5:30, start work at 7:00, and don’t usually get lunch until about 1:30pm.

So what am I getting at here… see how your day goes when you start it right. Come up with an alter ego that makes bad decisions, and then narrate his/her life with a snarky play-by-play for motivation to stay on track. Whatever you do, just keep it up.