The food photography epidemic

We have an epidemic on our hands: food photography. Guilty…


Pathology: An admiration for and love of food, manifesting itself with compulsive photo-taking that often supersedes the eating of the food, and overshadows the company in which the food is eaten. Hang on honey, I just want to post this to Instagram.

Signs and Symptoms: Photographing your food before eating, ordering food that will photograph well, purposely arranging and rearranging food on your plate to result in a more photogenic meal, >;35% of your cell phone or Instagram photos feature food or beverage.


Diagnosis: An individual presenting with one or more of the aforementioned symptoms.

Treatment: Take photos in moderation, and attempt to ensure that the photo shoot does not interfere with conversation and overall social etiquette. Put down the camera/phone, pick up the fork. Be in the moment.

Before I offend or alienate any of my readers, let me say that most of my photos are of food or beverage; almost all of which are posted to Instagram. I see nothing wrong here. 🙂

Let me clarify: I think it’s fantastic that we are taking time to pause and capture a meal that took time, energy, money to create. If we (I) took more pauses to savor and enjoy, we (I) might focus more on satisfaction from the art, and not on eating till we (I) can’t possibly eat anymore.

Food is art. This is not a new concept. Some of the most famous paintings feature food and drink. It’s the motive behind the photo that separates art from “look at me and what I’m eating right now!! I’m currently rudely ignoring my date, but doesn’t this pasta look great with the Nashville filter?!?”

Jim Gaffigan does a pretty good job summing it up here:

And the timeless Willy Wonka meme:


And this guy:


What am I getting at here… We are constantly on our phones. Texting, Facebook, Instagram… trying to see what interesting things other people are doing. Guess what: you are probably pretty interesting, too. I know I am. 😉 Also, meal time is break time. You just spent time preparing a meal — enjoy it. You saved your money, picked out a restaurant, and selected the one thing you want — enjoy it. Don’t let another minute separate you from this. And if you have to take the picture, please turn off the flash, so as not to ruin the marriage proposal that is currently taking place at the next table.


New Year’s resolutions

Happy New Year!

I hope you all are having a very happy holiday season. I have to admit that I’ve been slacking. And by slacking, I mean snacking.

Why is it that “the holidays” (which is pretty much a blanket term that covers any and all days between Halloween and Valentine’s Day, with a few breaks in between Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day) is code for “overindulge in high calorie drinks and horribly delicious food“?

Each new year, we give ourselves a clean slate, and vow that we will make some improvements for the coming year. I’m not alone in this: for the past several years, my weight has been on my mind, but I have been unsuccessful with this resolution until this year. I’ve been hard on myself for being a broken record with wanting to lose weight. This time, I didn’t wait for January 1st to promise to get healthy. Still, after a few weeks of celebrating and not really tracking my points, I am welcoming the new year as a catalyst to help me in this final push toward the goal.

1. Rid the house of all things junk food.
The celebrations are pretty much finally over. Time to get rid of the junk food. We can’t let it go to waste… there is really no diet-friendly solution here. I will be rationing my Christmas candy until it’s gone. I mean seriously, when your loving husband bedazzles your name in glitter onto a Christmas stocking and fills it with candy, you eat it. It’s in the marriage vows.


2. Get more exercise.
I am a nurse on a neurology unit. It’s an understatement to say that I am active and on my feet for the majority of my work day. However, I’ve used this to justify not exercising as much as I should. On an average day, a nurse walks 3-7 miles on the unit, and lifts an average of 1800 pounds. Not joking. But… this is my “baseline,” and I need to do more outside of work. So I’m going to. 🙂

3. Stay out of the break room!
Every other week, I work 7 10-hour shifts in a row (which usually ends up being about a 75+ hour week). By day 6 or 7, you can bet that there is a buffet in the break room. We’ve earned it. We’ve been running all day. 4 cookies, taco dip, and 9 Hershey’s kisses later, I’ve already consumed my daily allowance of points. Better to pack some fruit and stay away. Out of sight, out of mind, right?!

4.Blog more.
When I blog, I am accountable. I eat well. I lose weight. I haven’t blogged in almost a month. I have pretty much stayed the exact same weight since Thanksgiving… New year, new momentum.

Who wants to join me this year? Since I started this blog back in August, a few people I know have committed to healthy eating and weight loss. There really is something to be said about strength in numbers. Thank you, numbers, for helping me. 🙂

Happy new year!