the Freewheeling Foodographer

I’m really excited about this post.

A few weeks ago, I put a call out to my friends and readers in hopes that you’d help me name the blog. There were a lot of great names. I really latched on to a few, only to discover that they already existed. I’m happy to say that I’ve decided on a name: the Freewheeling Foodographer.

I put this name together with the help and inspiration of two people: Jade Sylvan and Tony Memmel. Jade’s submission was “Home-Cooked Wheels,” which inspired the wheel element. Tony suggested “Foodographic Memory” (which I loved!), and I took the Foodographer element from that.

This name really sums it all up. Freewheeling: wheels, driving, travel… but the real definition has to do with being carefree. Once the official diet is over, I hope to switch gears and be more carefree, or freewheelin’, when it comes to eating. But not carefree enough to drop the G at the end of freewheeling.

Foodographer. This combines everything: food, photography, cartography, geography… Anything that has to do with exploring and documenting new territory, whether it be on the road, or in the kitchen.

I’m very excited for Jade and Tony to guest blog in the future. Jade is a multi-talented author/poet/singer-songwriter based out of Cambridge, MA. Tony is my husband, and a very talented singer-songwriter. He is also my official taste-tester and road trip buddy. A priceless combination.

Thanks so much for reading!


P.S…. 29 pounds. 🙂


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