Election day: drown your sorrows, or celebrate

I have to say, I received a lot of good input for the blog-naming endeavor. Some were really great. Unfortunately, Eat Pray Love is already a book. And a movie.

I’m very close to naming the blog. A few combinations of suggestions have been awesome, but like Eat Pray Love, they already exist. Back to the drawing board.

Today is the big election, so I feel that almost anything I post on here will be lost in the shuffle. Donkeys and elephants aside, I’m still here writing about what’s for dinner. Probably some homemade mushroom soup.

Just a bit of exciting news: Not only am I down 25 pounds, but I am back in familiar territory. I’ve had to put away some clothes that are now “too big,” a phrase that I haven’t used in quite some time. I’ve accomplished a mini milestone: that old pair of jeans. The jeans that required every ounce of strength to zip, admit that “just because it zips, doesn’t mean it fits,” and then ultimately decide to put them away because “I’ll wear these again eventually.” Three years later, eventually is now. 🙂


Thanks for reading. All food and frivolity aside, please vote today. We all feel small and might wonder how our one vote could make a difference. We question if anything will ever really change, even if our candidate is elected. No matter what, whether we re-elect our current president, or choose a new one, today is an important day. Make an informed choice, go vote, and then go drown your sorrows or go celebrate with some good food and drink.



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