I need a name!

I need your help. My blog remains nameless, and it’s time for a christening.

When I first started this blog, it was primarily to make me accountable during this dieting project. Like I said in my very first post, I started Weight Watchers online. Since I’m not attending the meetings, I wanted something to keep me on track and make me have to report to someone with my progress, other than myself and my husband. “Hey Tony, guess what! I lost another 0.2 pounds!” would start to wear on a less patient man.

Once I get to my goal weight, my main focus won’t be weight loss. I’d like to transition it to a food/travel blog eventually. I think that’s why I struggled to name this blog in the first place — the central theme will remain, but the focus will change. Several Google searches for some magic, intuitive blog-naming wizard have left me nameless, still.

So, who wants to name the blog?? POSSIBLY YOU!

If you’ve been reading since day one, you get the idea. If you’re brand new to the blog, here are some components to keep in mind.

1. Themes: food, weight loss, healthy eating, travel, Wisconsin/Midwest culture. I plan on keeping it a food-based blog, even when the weight loss is done. A big part of my “voice” is my Wisconsin upbringing, so bonus points for finding a subtle way to include that.

2. I love to cook. More recipes coming in the future, although it won’t strictly be a cooking blog.

3. I also travel a lot, and love to try local foods and brews, so it doesn’t have to be strictly Wisconsin-themed.

4. Photos. Food is fuel, but it is also art. More photos coming, too.

NOW… the person who comes up with the most creative, short and sweet, straightforward-yet-subtle brand name for the blog gets to write a guest blog! The guest blogger can write about anything (hopefully food/travel/etc related). I have a lot of creative friends, and I’m excited to see what you come up with. Most of all, I’m excited to have a brand for this blog that reflects who I am and what I like.

You can submit as a comment on this blog, or email me: lesleighmemmel@yahoo.com

Thank you so much. Cheers!



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