Breaking news: dieting while traveling is hard. Dieting while traveling during Oktoberfest season is just plain rough.


This is the best time of year, if you’re a beer-lover like myself. Coffee drinkers know that it’s the fall season when cafes start selling Pumpkin Spice lattes. Beer connoisseurs know that autumn is imminent when they see the Oktoberfest hit the shelves.


When I was going to school up in Oshkosh, we had a grocery store with a liquor department that was – quite literally – the size of a Walgreens. Aisles and aisles of wine, not only separated by “red” and “white,” but by grape and by country. Amazing. Every kind of liquor from the boku bucks top shelf stuff, to the $8 – 1.75L of Aristocrat vodka. Pure class.

A few times during the fall, I’d find myself drawn to the wall of beer: 6 bottles for $6. Twist my arm. I’d pick out 6 different Oktoberfest beers and enjoy them over the next few days. A few of my favorites: Sam Adams (Boston, MA), Leinenkugel’s (Chippewa Falls, WI), and Sprecher (Glendale, WI).

So far, we have been to and stayed in Wichita, Dallas, Texarkana, Tulsa, and Amarillo. Most things are either deep-fried, barbecued, or slathered in the restaurant’s “world famous homemade sauce.” Sometimes all three. I’ve been skipping the homemade sauce (or getting it on the side), and doing my best to estimate portions. Licking the plate clean is not advised on the Weight Watchers plan.

There are lots of local brews on tap, with different regional takes on the autumn seasonal beer. As traveling musicians, a part of our payment for performing is food and drink. I haven’t had my first Oktoberfest yet — a pint averages 5-8 points (or a 6 inch Subway sub…). A girl’s gotta eat.


I have decided that today is the day. The Packers are playing. We have a show tonight at a place called the Dirty Bourbon Western Dance Hall & Saloon. I’m going to order my first Oktoberfest of the year, and officially kick start the fall season. Better late than never. 😉

Pictured: New Belgium Hoptoberfest



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