On the road: first stop, Kansas!

6:07am — I left the house this morning, protein bar in one hand, luggage in the other. The sun is coming up later and later these days, which makes it easier to sleep in. Not today. 🙂

I got to the airport by 6:30am (thanks, mom and dad!), and boarded a flight to Kansas City to meet up with Tony for 3 weeks out west.



I weighed in before I left the house, and I’m happy to say that I have lost 17 pounds so far. I’m working hard at it, but I’m starting to feel really optimistic that I will actually do it this time. A handful of people have started to notice. There are few sweeter words than, “Have you lost weight?” Thank you all. 🙂

I’m curbside, waiting for Tony to pick me up. It’s a gorgeous day. Day one of the tour, and day one of the diet on tour. So far, so good. We are playing at a place in Wichita, KS tonight called The Pumphouse. Part of the deal is a free meal. Thank God for online menus. I’m planning my day in the back corner of my mind, but mostly, I am just so excited to see Tony and to see a whole new part of the country.


Now the challenge will be to have an awesome time, maintain the self-control and determination I’ve kept for the past 7 weeks, but not erase all the progress I’ve made.

My posts will probably be shorter. More focused on food, travel, and one of my favorite things: regional food. Photos to come. 🙂 Until then, thank you so much to everyone who’s been reading and encouraging me — it means so much!




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