Wisconsin weekend

This past weekend was a quintessential Wisconsin weekend. Tony and I were invited to attend the wedding of a friend and former co-worker of mine. We drove “up north” (which is a term that can loosely describe any and all parts of Wisconsin about 45 miles north of Milwaukee) and spent the weekend with great friends. A beautiful wedding for an awesome couple, and a day at Lambeau Field for the Packer game. Polka, cream puffs, Packers, beer, brats, cheeseheads, the Frozen Tundra (not frozen yet. Probably by next month). I couldn’t have made this weekend more quintessentially Wisconsin, unless I would’ve ridden up the shores of Lake Michigan on the back of a 30-point buck, or a large badger.

Of course, now that my focus is primarily on food, I have been budgeting for this weekend since last Monday. How can I have a great time and not pass on all the ‘good stuff,’ and at the same time, not gain 13 pounds? I exercised a lot of restraint. I saved room for the good stuff. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes at the wedding reception. Yes, please. I skipped the cake. I drank in moderation. And oh, how we danced…

I did really well at the game, too. I did partake in a few adult beverages from the homeland. There are few things better than an ice cold Miller at Lambeau Field. It wasn’t a particularly active day, sitting in the stands. If I could earn activity points or burn calories for screaming at referees, I’d be in pretty awesome shape.

Monday: weigh-in day. Up 3 pounds.


That’s ok. Probably water weight, right? And I haven’t had that kind of food in a while, so I knew I’d have to backtrack a little. Still, 3 pounds? Not an awesome way to start the week, but I wasn’t completely discouraged. I went back to my normal routine, and I drank a ton of water yesterday. I didn’t let that setback kick me into the panic mode: I’m only eating lettuce today. I made shrimp scampi for dinner and had a glass of wine, and called it a day.

It’s only recommended that you weigh-in weekly, instead of daily. The fluctuation that occurs on a daily basis can either make you think you’re doing more awesome than you really are, or it can be completely discouraging. Still, I weighed in today, just to see…

Down 3.5 pounds.

@#(*#*%!_*!!!!!!!! (that’s good)

I had a great time this weekend, and I am happy to say that I’m almost at the 15 pound mark. I was hoping that I didn’t speak too soon, stemming from my last post of the whole “everything in moderation” mantra. It’s actually true! Who knew.

So now that I’m in a good mood, here are a few more pictures from the weekend. Tony says he can already tell that I’m “looking more trim.” God bless him.


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