milestone #1 : 10 pounds down

I love Google. You can find an image of anything. You remember that photo montage of “women laughing alone with salad”? It’s worth a look:

First of all, I never laugh while eating salad. It’s not that joyous, and it’s actually a choking hazard. Still, I felt pretty happy when I stepped on the scale this morning. So happy that I decided to google “women looking happy while standing on a scale.” The photos that I found will assist me in describing my weigh-in this morning:


All jokes aside (I have a feeling that I’ll be saying something of this nature more than once during this blog series), I am feeling great. I want to thank you all for your comments and feedback. During the first few days after I posted my first blog, the response was overwhelming and very positive — I really and truly appreciate it.

The upside of starting a weight loss plan is that the initial weight comes off pretty quickly. However, it does slow down and can plateau. I was fortunate that my hard work translated into weight loss in the first few weeks. I fully expect that things will slow down, so I know that there are some challenges ahead. I’m hoping that I can stay positive and stay creative: finding the balance between moderation and deprivation, finding substitutions for the things I like, and defining the non-negotiables. Sometimes you really just want a mushroom swiss burger and a Sam Adams, not a turkey burger and a Bud Light Select 55. During the next few weeks, or at least until I hit milestone #2, I’ll be writing about some of those substitutions I’ve found, and the non-negotiables I have discovered.

Until then, thank you so much. I’ll write more soon!



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    • Thanks, Jenny!! I’m not sure what milestone #2 will be. Maybe 20 pounds, maybe fitting into that one old pair of jeans, not really sure. I’ll definitely keep everybody posted. 🙂 thank you for the note!

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